Personal consultation and contact form

Are you affected by (digital) attacks against you as a scientist or science communicator and need personal advice? Call our helpline. We are available by phone (from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., 7 days a week). You are also welcome to use our form for some initial information before you call. This service is free of charge for you.

Have you already contacted your own institution? If possible for you, we recommend – in addition to calling our helpline- to contact the communication department of your scientific institution in case of an attack.

We can be reached by telephone daily from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.: +49 157 923 448 04

Are you experiencing a direct threat?

Please note: If you are under imminent threat (mental or physical) or in any case of emergency, contact the following agencies directly:


Tel. 110

Social psychiatric services

In case of mental health emergencies, please contact the social psychiatric services of the local health offices directly. If they are not available, please contact the telephone pastoral care (available continuously and free of charge):

0800 – 1110111

or 0800 – 1110222

or 116123

I witness an attack, how can I show support?

If you witness attacks and unobjective conflicts in science communication on social media, you can comment on the posts with our hashtag #ScicommSupport as a sign of solidarity. In doing so, you can set an example and draw attention to our helpline. Please only use the comment function for this and not the option to share the post, as this can increase the outreach of an attack.

Contact form

You can reach our consultation by phone at +49 157 923 448 04. If you provide us with some information about your case beforehand, it will help us to classify it and provide support quickly. All information will always be treated confidentially.